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Minimal Management, Due to Shining Expertise

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The principles of designing and developing for the web is no different than building a house, there are rules, regulations to follow before adding the individual touch. Many designers and developers forget that at the end of the rope are mostly users with average IT knowledge. A typical web user is an impatient person sitting behind the screen, waiting for a specific data to appear, taking most of the time decisions depending on ranking and keywords used, or he or she will just type the website URL, they are sensitive, touchy, easily frustrated.

Through Innovation, professionalism, creativity, experience and value for money, Web-Tech are the company that clients can trust.

To offer a solid reliable web design company and to offer our services to large organisations, SMEs, networks, community Groups and Corporate Users, as well as other members of the market through packaged service offerings. To provide a consistent and continuous service level without interruption. Doing what we say when we say it. Maintaining & Developing a strong local team as well as improving our offshore resources and infostructure worldwide to provide a superior world class product.

We offer good judgment and expert advice insuring our customers benefit from the ideal setup that fits their needs, aims and budget.

We believe the Needs of any web project are:
  • Quality Design that appeals to the market requirements
  • The provision of accessible functionality without error
  • Marketing & Advertising the site and its services correctly, to those who are likely to avail of services and products.
  • Delivering on time, to specification
  • A cost plan that enables the client to run the program that they want to, when they want to (finance options)
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