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Minimal Management, Due to Shining Expertise

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Roisin Kelly Equality Commission on CD produced for the Equality Commission

We originally approached Web Spaced with what we hoped would be a straight-forward piece of work (adding some excel functions to a word document which we send out to employers). We found the staff at Web Spaced approachable and helpful. They were professional and went out of their way to accommodate our requirements. As with most things, as we got into the project, we realized that it was not as straight forward as we initially thought. In fact, over the course of time and after many and frequent discussions with Web Spaced, our requirements changed quite dramatically. Despite this, we felt that the staff at Web Spaced were always very helpful and had the ability to explain complex technical matters in a simple and understandable way. Our project is now completed and we are very happy with the outcome. We would like to thank the staff at Web Spaced, and in particular Allan, Andrew and Louise for all their help with this and for the long hours spent on writing and re-writing codes and programs to make sure that everything was right. I have received many emails from Web Spaced at ridiculous hours of the night and morning and appreciate all the hard work put in, and also the fact that they went out of their way to hand deliver the final product to us. Thanks.

Ricky Armstrong Paradigm Niche Planning On the below comment posted by one of his clients

Just to let you see some feedback we had on the website (see below)
Well done!!!!!!

Thanks for your email and I have taken a good look at your website. Really impressed, it^s the most dynamic ^financial^ site I have seen. Very professional.

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